Схема плетения из бисера браслета “Twist”

Bead Weaving for Beginners – how to weave beaded flowers, trees, bracelets, Baubles

Currently, beading has become a real art, and the creation of many masters with this craft can be called true masterpieces. In fact, to learn weaving bead is not too difficult, as it may seem at first sight, but in order to learn his techniques, and even more, Do they close, you must possess such qualities, patience and perseverance. And if you do them at least a little own, and you also have a great desire to learn how to create real beauty, you can safely proceed to get acquainted with this art. Even more so that the final outcome, if you learn weaving from beads, you will never be disappointed and may even want to make this activity a hobby.

The main and most popular technique of bead weaving

Bead weaving techniques a great number of, but still the most popular of them are the following main:

  • ThroughTable. The simplest technique, consisting in stringing beads on a string.
  • needle technique. With this method of weaving just fine obtained genital parts, such, eg, like a needle spruce, pointed petals, as well as the fringe and tassels for cushions, curtains, earrings or belts.
  • Parallel weaving beads. This technique is used for the creation of pendants, Tsvetkov, volume figures and animals. The process of weaving usually first recorded by special formulas.
  • looped weave. This method is done in the form of loops and is indispensable for weaving petals, twigs and leaves.
  • French bra >Bead Weaving for Beginners Tips

If you choose to more closely address the issue of studying beading, then you will be useful to get acquainted with some of the recommendations of the experts, which will help absorb the weaving of beads, even for beginners, and let you into some of its secrets:

  • To start learning is preferable to choose the simplest model and weaving method, so just do not overdo it and finally get lost in the process. work-out, you can gradually complicate their task, and master more complex models.
  • In the beginning, instead of line, used for weaving of beads, You can use a strong thread, eg, caproic.
  • The thread should not take longer than plaiting, than half a meter. Too long a thread is not very comfortable to use, if there is no particular skill and experience, as it can become entangled or scuff when passing through the bugle.
  • When selecting the size of the beads should pay attention to its number, an example of which denote, looks, eg, in the following way: 7/0. This designation indicates the total number of beads in equal chain 2, 54 cm (inch). It is believed, The more beads have a numbered, the smaller the bead itself. But a comparison can be made only with respect to the product of the same manufacturer. One of the best quality is recognized by many Japanese beads, but its price is also quite a tall. For the price of the most affordable product is chinese beads, but the quality is considerably inferior to many manufacturers, one of its drawbacks, eg, is the roughness and the presence of irregularities on beads. The most used is the Czech beads, made of glass. The price and quality of its most optimal.
  • Before embarking on Bead Weaving, you need to wax thread, and periodically do it during the entire process. This is done, to future product well keep its shape. Waxing is done as follows:: piece small size wax softens first bit, To do this, it can be put, eg, to cover the heated kettle, then this piece of the entire length of the thread you need to spend a couple of times.
  • Excess wax on the thread are removed using a needle, in this way: thread passed through the needle eye, appropriate size, and removed all unnecessary.
  • If the end of the thread exfoliate and threading beads to your work out was hard, and in this case it is possible and necessary to use wax to seal them and rub the tip.
  • On thread beads worn simultaneously with a needle, you want to keep in the right hand, and then doctored forefinger. Large beads are strung up on the needle.
  • In that case, when it became clear, that the size of the selected thread or wire is not enough for all of braiding, it is better to stop the operation immediately and start a new build-up. Do not leave too short ends from the previous and the new thread, because, in consequence, it would be difficult to hide and secure (left ends of the thread, as late as, and at the beginning of, should not be less than 10 cm). Capacity thread or fishing line to start a little earlier from the place, which ended the previous, it will need to repeat the previous part of a small piece of the picture, while trying to re-threading does not pass a needle and thread through the previous thread, a place next to her.
  • Upon completion at the beginning of the work on a thread, before you pass it through the beads, PVA glue can be applied, for better fixation and strength of the product.
  • Only for beginners Bead Weaving, it is better to do with the large beads.
  • Incorporation yarn is as follows: thread passed through the needle through a pair of beads drawing, then around the warp yarn products made fixing knot Collar. Such nodules for better fixation is necessary to make at least a couple, at a certain distance from each other. The remaining small end of the thread can be fixed, singe it with a match. In that case, if the work was done with light beads, the thread is better to just cut up by the roots, so as not to spoil them.
  • Beads should pull each other tight enough, so as not to remain areas of the thread between them and at the same time not to pull the product.

Before starting work, also kindly requested to prepare the necessary materials and tools for it. Depending on, what kind of weaving technique and which product you choose, you may need: needle, thread or fishing line, crochet hooks or knitting needles, not slippery fabric as the surface for weaving and the most basic element beads. After choosing the product and tucked thereto weave scheme of beads, to start better read more about the technology of its manufacture and carefully examine the process of its implementation, if desired, may first be trained even in performing its basic elementary patterns. It is also important to prepare as soon as all the necessary elements of the product, accurately select their number. And in that case,, If you suddenly can not find the necessary color, you can experiment and to dream and to replace them with other suitable tones. Now after all the necessary preparations, you can safely proceed and create your own small masterpieces.

Weaving bracelets beads

Very original gift, and most importantly a beautiful gift can be a bracelet, woven beaded yourself. The more that play when choosing options for this product is huge, and, if desired, and good experience in beading can think and their drawings and diagrams to these decorations. For beginners only weave beaded bracelets offer to try make the following products.

lace bracelet

To do this, you need to prepare beads bracelet two colors, eg, black and white, Lacing a thread to the needle and. After that you can start tinkering myself bracelet:

  • We put the first bead black, fasten it at the beginning of the work and leave from her distance 1 cm – a place for fasteners.
  • then strung 27 beads in the following sequence: 2 white, 1 black, 2 white, 1 black and so on.
  • After that, the thread should be passed through the third black bead, counting from the end of, strung strips.
  • again strung 2 white beads, 1 black and two white, and again passes a needle and thread to the second compound from the previous black bead. Bead Weaving same repeat number until the end of.
  • Then proceed to the next row. To do this job for the convenience you need to deploy the first bead down. Then stringing two white beads, 1 black and two white, and threading in the first from the beginning of the black bead stringing and again the same sequence of beads and string skipping a black bead, located on the arc of the previous row (second black bead from the previous compound). The same pattern finish line and proceed to the weaving of the following series, whose number is equal to the size of your brush.
  • The final stage is the clasp bracelet. To do this, on the one hand bracelet made loops of beads chain, and on the other can be, eg, attach beads, buttons, the size of the corresponding loops. Then bracelet prepared.

If desired, the bracelet can be monochrome or color change, but for a more open-work pattern instead of two white beads do, for example, three.

Chain Bracelet

For bracelet beads can be used one or several colors, depending on your imagination and a special clasp, but this will need to work two needles, and Nylon thread. In this example uses only the white beads. Bead Weaving this bracelet is made according to the following scheme:

For those, to whom the scheme seemed not very clear, You can use the following description of the work:

    Vdevaem on each s >weaving beads: trees

Weave trees beads allows not only fabulous and unusual, but also quite realistic. An example of this is the next job, the result of which is the stunning beauty of a tree – Sakura.


For the work necessary to prepare the following materials: beads of light and dark pink flowers, 50g, green -20g, thin wire, brown skein of thread, little plaster, Stand under a tree, Glue the fabric to the working surface. Then we proceed to the process:

  • cut off 70 see wires and on one of its end of the master loop, equal 20 cm.
  • Pour the beads on the working surface. Another end of the start wire stringing them in the following order: pink, light pink, green, pink, light pink, and so on. All on the basis of the wire should be 80 beads.
  • Then we form the first leaf. To do this, make a loop of wire with five beaded and twists it, making several turns. Then, after about half a centimeter do next leaf. Likewise forming another 14 leaves.
  • Then leaves the wire to div >

Flower Bead Weaving

Flower Bead Weaving can be done with the help of, eg, popular techniques such as the French weaving arcs, parallel, looped or combining several methods simultaneously.
Weaving beads for beginners, you can start from the following very simple to manufacture, but no less pretty colors.

Bead Weaving Flower Forget-Me

To work take a soft wire white, biserinki yellow, green and blue colors and pliers. Then follow these steps::

  1. This little cute flower begin to make themselves with flowers. To do this, cut off 10 see the white wire and vdevaem in her first one yellow bead, and then five blue. Then we form floret, threading the wire through the first tip, second and third beads blue, and at the end through the yellow bead.
  2. forming a flower, to bend the ends of the wire under the yellow bead and twisting them. Wire-wrap the stalk can be green thread.
  3. These flowers is enough to make half a dozen, and then joined together, twisting them together stalks.
  4. Then do the following leaf:
  • 1-2 Row. Stringing wire in the m > Bead Weaving: tulip

    Plaiting beaded tulip need to purchase: wire, green thread for processing stalk, glass beads black and light yellow color for the stamens; Beads green leaf, black and pale yellow stamens for, as well as two shades of colors for most of the flower, eg, pink and light pink or yellow and light yellow. For the following examples use the colors blue and blue shades.

    Then we start to work:

      First make the ins >Bead Weaving roses

    roses, made of beads, even in the simplest way out simply incomparable. In this you can be sure, viewing the following video tutorial below, and if desired, and repeat the procedure required for weaving with beads of this flower.

    Weaving baubles beads

    Baubles – it is not just a beautiful and colorful bracelets, but according to its original origin, and symbols of friendship and even love. they, who are fond of these bracelets is more serious, know, that each color, as well as a combination of several, made to weave Baubles bead has its own value and carries a certain information. So, eg, The following colors have the meanings:

    • White – good, purity, a life,
    • Red – Love, energy, joy,
    • Blue – tranquility, open to all new, friendliness,
    • Green – hope, harmony,
    • Yellow – dejection, sorrow.

    Weaving baubles bead very diverse, and there are many varieties of them, eg:

    • Openwork Baubles, with a pattern of flowers, hearts, etc..
    • Baubles with ornament, ie. with a variety of drawings.
    • sophisticated Baubles, which combine several different patterns.
    • Baubles, woven on a special machine.

    We offer you a weave of beads independently following a rather unpretentious Fenichka:

    For the manufacture of the bracelet size 14 see the need to prepare a thread-gum – about 50cm,needle, beads of three colors. Then we perform the following steps:

    • Drawing weave diagram.
    • Coloring it in its sole discretion, such as possible so:
    • In this specification, work, instead of blue beads used red, instead of red light pink, Green was replaced with a white.
    • Strung on a thread a needle with a first bead, move it to the end of the thread, leaving from the edge of the short distance, and anchoring a bundle tip gum.
    • bead 11 stuff beads, focusing on the circuit. In this case, 4 reds and 7 pink beads.
    • Then on the fifth from the start of bead threading the needle again, forming a circle.
    • Again vdevaem beads according to the colors on the chart: 1 a red and two pink and threaded needle in the very first bead.
    • Then vdevaem two pink, then the two red beads and skip a thread with a needle through the second bead of the three previously vdet.
    • Then again three pink in the m />

    Your attention is invited to view several of the following video tutorials weave Baubles Bead:

    1. Fenichka, wicker on the machine

    2. Fenichka, wicker on a homemade machine

    3. Fenichka flower

    Bead Weaving can become a very exciting experience and Leasure, if just a little bit and go deep insight into this process. And in fact, in its development is no big deal, we just have a little practice and you will also receive the most complex products. The big plus of this craft is also something, that a huge variety of products, which are made with the help of his, can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones and friends, as well as for you.

    Схема плетения из бисера браслета “Twist”

    Нежный и изящный комплект “Лаура” сплетен в технике “плоская спираль”. В этой технике, используя разные материалы, можно создавать огромное множество уникальных и красивейших вещиц! Пробуйте, экспериментируйте, фантазируйте и Вы станете обладательницей совершенно эксклюзивных украшений!

    Креативное ожерелье

    Стиль БОХО – исключение из правил, культ беспечной смелости, самобытных, экзотически броских вещиц… Ну разве можно такое забыть?!

    Цветок из шифона.

    Яркая, красивая брошь из шифона с кристаллом Риволи в ажурной оправе из бисера, станет оригинальным аксессуаром, который отлично поднимет настроение своей обладательнице при пасмурной осенней погоде.

    Фантазии полёт и рук творенье
    С восторгом я держу в своих руках..
    Не знает, к счастью, красота старенья,
    Любовь к прекрасному живёт в веках.
    Умелец может сделать из железки,
    Из камня, дерева – шедевры красоты.
    Из разноцветья бисера и лески,
    Как в сказке, чудеса творишь и ты.
    Я прикасаюсь к броши осторожно,
    Она чарует и ласкает взор.
    Представить трудно, как это возможно
    Создать невиданной красы узор.
    Как результат терпенья и уменья –
    Изящество, и цвета чистота,
    И совершенство формы. Нет сомненья,
    Наш мир спасут талант и красота!
    З. М. Торопчина

    Как оформить концы вязанного жгута

    ☝ Как оформить концы вязанного жгута?
    Ведь научившись вязать жгутики, мы сталкиваемся со второй трудностью, как и чем закрыть начало/конец жгута и прикрепить застежку.

    1. Вязанный жгут лучше заканчивать небольшим “рукавчиком” – 2-3 ряда провязать без бисера.

    Мастер-класс. Серьги из сутажа

    Сегодня делаем серьги в сутажной технике. А поможет нам в этом Анастасия Овчинникова. Анастасия отдала предпочтение белорусскому сутажу, благодаря его жесткости завитки не потеряют форму.
    Ну а если Вы еще стоите перед выбором, какой сутаж использовать в том или ином украшении, то посмотрите наши подсказки о том, как выбрать сутаж.

    Серьги, связанные крючком

    В преддверии международного праздника вязания крючком, мы хотим напомнить Вам, что создавать украшения можно не только из бисера)))
    Например, серьги можно связать.
    Вдохновляемся красотой!

    Учимся делать объемные цветы для украшений

    Объемные бисерные цветы – целое направление в бисероплетении. С ними можно создавать разнообразные и очень красивые и женственные бисерные украшения. Этот мастер-класс посвящен оплетению и сборке такого цветка, а также его креплению к булавке для броши и к основе кольца.

    Создаем очаровательный кулон «Мэрилин Монро»

    Тема Мерилин Монро возвращается в рукоделие снова и снова! Ведь красота и обаяние этой женщины безгранично! Я думаю, что создавая украшение с образом Мерилин, мы вольно или невольно соприкасаемся с аурой или энергетикой этой великой актрисы.

    Бисер – это прекрасный материал для изготовления украшений и декорирования.

    Его можно использовать практически везде, для добавления изысканности и утонченности. Изделия из бисера никогда не выходили из моды. Его популярность характеризуется неповторимостью и возможностью многочисленных вариаций этим материалом, а главное его доступностью и не сложностью в применении. В наше время существует множество видов бисера, разных форм, размеров и цветов, что помогает реализовать любые фантазии и усложняет не хитрые изделия, наполняя их новыми объемными и цветовыми решениями. Даже самое простое, сделанное из бисера, изделие будет прекрасно выглядеть и станет отличным подарком, а более сложное будет дорого оцениваться и гарантировать неповторимость. Для многих бисер стал способом выделиться из серости, проявить свою индивидуальность, реализовать свое творчество, подчеркнуть свой внутренний мир.

    Опытные мастера бисероплетения могут изготовить украшения, которые будут выглядеть не хуже драгоценностей, этому способствует возможность играть с формой и цветом материала. Аксессуары из бисера очень разнообразны, среди них каждый найдет себе, то чем сможет подчеркнуть свою индивидуальность, не зависимо от возраста, образа жизни и собственного стиля.

    Украшения из бисера могут использоваться как для повседневных, так и для праздничных туалетов. Также, изделия из бисера не редко становятся выбором невест, подчеркивая нежность и легкость избранницы прозрачностью и мягкостью своей формы. В зависимости от задуманной композиции, бисер может прекрасно сочетаться с полудрагоценными и драгоценными камнями.

    Выбирая украшения из бисера, вы можете сделать незабываемый подарок близкому человеку, или дополнить свой собственный образ прекрасным изделием.

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    Действующая формула вещества обладает сверхсильной фиксацией и дополнительно кондиционирует и разглаживает волосы, таким образом укладка будет выглядеть элегантно и более того естественно.

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